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There are some keywords and phrases associated with a retiring generation. They are: retirement, travel, simplification of lifestyle, downsizing, relaxation, being close to family. For most, however, the ability to do these things requires the sale of hard-earned assets and paying a large tax bill. Sadly, many are choosing to avoid paying the taxes in the interest of wealth preservation and denying themselves the opportunity for a quality lifestyle. It is our mission to help these clients uncover strategies that will help them retire confidently.


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We help Investors reduce, defer, or eliminate the capital gains taxes owed on the sale of a primary residence, investment property, business, stock, crypto, or almost any highly appreciated asset. You see, over the last 14 years, what we have found is that the more money a client has, the less money they have in cash accounts like IRAs, 401K, or cash. Most of their wealth is tied up in hard assets like their primary residence, investment properties, and businesses.

In fact, older professionals in particular have 20% or less of their wealth in cash accounts. This means they need to liquidate assets to create low maintenance cash producing investments to meet their retirement needs.In addition, a client can end up paying 24% to 50% of the proceeds in the sale of those hard assets in taxes when they legally did not have to.

We think a complete financial plan includes the client's cash accounts, hard assets, and tax planning for the eventual sale of these assets. That's where we come in.

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Core values

You aren't just looking for any solution. You're looking for a knowledgeable team who is flexible and can handle your specific situation with ease. We value our flexibility, our integrity, and our ability to make a difference for all Americans, not just the wealthiest, by providing tax deferral solutions that can help change lives.



We act as trusted consultants. Carrying out each action with honesty by consistently doing what is moral, just, and fair in every situation.



Every client's situation is different and we must always provide them with the best solutions and be prepared to adjust when necessary.



It all begins with education and we provide you with the knowledge necessary to utilize the benefits of the 1031 process for your specific situation.

“We are educators, not salesmen. We will always do what is right for the client even if it means we make no money doing it.”

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We are tax strategists and financial problem solvers. We are nationwide educators on the subject of tax deferral. We have 14 tax deferral strategies and add more every year. It is our goal to inform and educate, never sell. In fact, the first thing we will do is try to find ways to eliminate your tax bill so you don’t even need us. Best of all, we can find financial solutions when other professionals don't even know they exist.

Carl Worden III, CEO
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Carl Worden

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Shockowitz, COO
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Chris Shockowitz

Chief Operating Officer

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