Start An Exchange Form

This form is designed to gather all relevant information to Start An Exchange. Not all information is required to start but please include everything you have at this time.If you have questions, you can submit your questions by clicking the button below or by calling 877-Tax-Strategy.

Required Information:

The person or primary contact for the sale of the property or business. The seller’s name, phone number, and email are required.

Address To Be Sold: This is the mailing address of the property that will be sold in this exchange. The property you wish to purchase does not need to be known at this time.

Title Company / Law Firm: This is the Name of the Title company or Legal Firm you are working with and the name of the key contact. If you don't know them, enter "Unknown".

Optional Information:

The sale of a property or business will typically require either a Title Company to manage the escrow of the sale or a Lawyer from a Legal Firm to manage the transaction. All optional information is related to identifying the lawyer, Legal Firm, and case Number or the Title Company, Escrow Officer, and Escrow Number. Space for additional comments is also provided.

Would You Like To Include Defeasance Language in the 1031 Exchange?
This is a Yes / No question. Click this link to learn more about defeasance language. This language allows any funds left in a 1031 Exchange to be transferred to a trust instead of becoming boot.

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