April 24, 2022

Introduction To A Revolution

If you are a financial services firm that focuses on assets under management by way of IRA and 401(k) rollovers, then you may find yourself missing out on the lions share of one of the greatest wealth transfers the world has ever known.

Research suggests the baby boomer generation controls 55% of the nation’s wealth, roughly $60-$70 trillion. However, it’s not sitting in cash accounts, IRAs, and 401(k)s. The fact is, 80% (+-) of retirees have $250,000 or less saved for retirement. The reality is, baby boomers invested primarily into hard assets like their primary residence, second home, investment properties, businesses, or all of the above. Many have a significant problem if they sell. Taxes. This creates a massive opportunity for the financial planning professionals that choose to focus on tax deferral options as well as cash assets. In other words, help them with 100% of their assets, not just a fraction of them.

Is your firm working to differentiate itself to capture these assets?

Who Needs Our Help?

Financial Advisors:

Financial advisors face some of the stiffest competition when it comes to acquiring new clients. Many of them focus on clients who are looking to move their old 401k’s or new ideas for their current brokerage accounts. However, research shows that 80% of baby boomers net worth is in hard assets like their home or business. Ultimately, this means you and your competition are going after the same 20% of the pie. There are some keywords and phrases associated with a retiring generation. They are: retirement, travel, simplification of lifestyle, downsizing, relaxation, being close to family. For most, however, the ability to do these things requires the sale of hard-earned assets and paying a large tax bill. Sadly, many are choosing to avoid paying the taxes in the interest of wealth preservation and denying themselves the opportunity for a quality lifestyle. It is my mission to help these clients uncover strategies that will help them retire confidently.

What if DeferTax.com could show you a way to manage 100% of their assets?

Real Estate Professionals and Business Brokers:

These folks are on the “front lines,” and they consistently hear the same objection, “I’d love to sell my home, investment property or business, but how do I avoid the huge tax bill that comes along with it?” Unfortunately, since they cannot give tax advice, and don’t have anyone on their team that can provide tax advice, they are required to recommend their prospect visit with their CPA. The Real Estate professional inadvertently created three significant barriers to getting a listing; they just told their client/prospect they don’t have an answer; they just told them to see someone else. Lastly, since CPA’s don’t work in the field of tax deferral, they are sending their client to someone that can’t give them an answer.

What if DeferTax.com could offer you a solution to ensure you get more of these listings?

Real Estate and Business owners:

There are endless companies that can help you sell your property. Zillow, Loopnet, Trulia, Costar, Redfin, Century 21, Marcus & Millichap, CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, and many more can help you get the highest and best price. But what if selling comes with a huge tax bill? They usually tell you to see your CPA. Unfortunately, since most don’t know what questions to ask, and since CPAs don’t work with tax deferral strategies, sellers do not feel comfortable selling, and the agent does not get the listing.

What if DeferTax.com could show you a way to sell your highly appreciated asset and reduce, defer, or avoid the tax bill?


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