April 4, 2022

The Industry

When highly appreciated asset owners seek answers, they will find that the financial services industry is highly fragmented.

The truth is, one reason why the wealthy pay less in taxes is they have a team that helps them. Their team typically consists of:

  • Tax & Trust Attorneys
  • CPA
  • Financial Advisor
  • Real Estate Agent
  • 1031 Exchange Accommodator

When it comes to selling a highly appreciated asset, a consultation with all of these professionals should take place. However, if you don’t have these people on your team, the ability to obtain the appropriate answer from all these different consultants who don’t work together is tough.

DeferTax.com is your resource; we have all of the above professionals on our team. We work cohesively to help asset owners make a decision that is best for them. We also have multiple different options. Options such as:

  • 1031 exchange
  • Delaware statutory trust
  • Deferred sales trust
  • Monetized installment sale
  • Opportunity funds
  • Conservation easement
  • Tax credits
  • Cost segregation study

There Are Three Winners!

Asset Owners:

People want to work with someone they like and trust. They want a firm who has their best interest in mind. We work to develop credibility and trust upfront. We do that in two ways. First, since we are aware clients do not know what questions to ask their CPA, we provide a questionnaire they can take to their CPA. The purpose of the questionnaire is to help the client, and their tax professional discover if there is a tax bill if they were to sell and cash out. If not, then we have done our job, and the client can feel comfortable moving forward with the sale. If the client does have a tax bill and it is large enough, they don’t want to pay it; they already know we are the firm with the answers. Second, we have provided a series of very easily understood videos that explain these various options. We have found that simplifying the explanation of these strategies, gives clients a much higher confidence in our team and our ability to help them.

Real Estate Professionals & Business Brokers:

We designed DeferTax.com as a sales tool that enables Real Estate professionals the ability to show their clients tax deferral ideas without giving tax advice, making it compliant with their broker. Think about it, how much more valuable and effective would Real Estate professionals be if they had a Tax Attorney, Trust Attorney, CPA, Financial Advisor, and 1031 Exchange Accommodator on their team? How valuable would they be if they could not only help their clients sell their highly appreciated assets for top dollar but also avoid paying taxes on the sale as well? By partnering up with DeferTax.com, the real estate salesperson becomes their client’s biggest ally, ensuring the client receives the highest quality help and answers, which creates a much higher probability that the agent gets the listing.

Financial Advisors & Registered Investment Advisors:

The title of “Tax Deferral Consultant” is proven to be a much better door opener than “Financial Advisor.” The subject of reducing capital gains tax is a fascinating topic amongst retirees. The bad news for highly appreciated asset owners is experts in the field of tax deferral are fragmented and in minimal supply. Financial advisors are not typically the go-to person they think of when dealing with these issues. The good news is through your partnership with DeferTax.com, you can become that go-to professional since you automatically have experts on your team, and this gives you an edge over other RIAs or Financial Advisors that do not. The bottom line, you will have very little if any competition if you decide to perfect your skills in the field of tax deferral strategies.


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