April 2, 2022

So Why Start An Exchange For Your Practice?

The Ultimate Sales Tool

StartAnExchange.com helps advisors grow their sphere of influence in their community. CPAs, tax attorneys, lenders, and title companies are all looking to grow their business. Most of their clients require tax deferral advice. If you follow our marketing advice, many will see partnering with you and StartAnExchange.com as a value-add. Also, the real estate agents and business brokers are an excellent resource for referrals. We show advisors how to work with them and create strategic alliances. Being the only one that can bring all of these professionals together, StartAnExchange.com will help you become the ultimate Center of Influence amongst these different professionals. We will help you increase your AUM and create a steady flow of referrals. Our Sales Tool will make it extremely easy for all of these groups to be able to tell and understand the story easily. Placing you at the center of the deal, ensuring that the client first and foremost gets the best advice and service possible.


  • Clients will be able to discover and understand tax strategies they never knew existed
  • Real Estate and Business Brokers will get more listings
  • CPA’s, Tax & Trust Attorneys will get more referrals
  • Most Important: Your Firm will be able to capture the 80% of assets other advisors don’t know how to get


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